Saturday, October 3, 2009

Need Help Being Romantic? Is teaching men to be romantic ethical?

If I had half of a penny for every time that I have heard women complain that their significant other is not meeting her level of romantic expectation I could retire a very wealthy individual. If I received even less than the aforementioned half penny for every time I heard women justify an extra-marital by claiming their husband was simply not as passionate or as romantic their new “lover” I am convinced that I would retire even quicker yet equally as wealthy.

So it seems to be a popular consensus in today’s culture of women that today’s man is dropping the romantic ball, that chivalry for the most part is dead. Unfortunately, this is not too appalling when one considers that we are at a time in history where the national divorce rate seems to be sky-rocketing and the institution of marriage seems more like a business and less like an institution. I personally know of at least seven marriages that were decided on due to the fact that one party had insurance and the other did not. How romantic is that?

Now to be fair, men offer quite a few legitimate reasons. Increased work hours, financial stress and their own lack of receiving romance are a few of their verbal escapes. Somewhere in the midst of the chaos that is today’s business society, romance has escaped the frontal lobes of men and women alike. However, it is widely believed and a commonly accepted fact that the greater burden of providing romance to a relationship is the man’s responsibility.

Now it appears that men have an online, self-proclaimed, anonymous, romantic “wingman”. A web site that is dedicated to teach men how to make romance an everyday thought and not simply an afterthought. MisterRight, Romantic Services Company was created to help men who need help being romantic.

The site has quite a few components aimed at assisting men at becoming more romantic. MisterRight has an online forum where men can share romantic ideas, and romantic techniques and even recipes. The site also boasts an email reminder service that alerts its clients (all men) to important personal dates such as his anniversary, birthdays and random romance dates. These are a very small portion of romantic tools that the site issues to its members.

So should men remember romance on their own? Is it ethical for them to pay a third-party, such as MisterRight Romantic Services Co., to remind them or even teach them to be more romantic? If you found out your husband’s new found romantic attitude and actions were the product of him enlisting a “wingman” would you be bothered, offended or feel slighted? Or would you simply be flattered and respect the fact that he realized his weaknesses and for you he was willing to do whatever was necessary? If your man sought out MisterRight because he needed help at being more romantic, would just that thought be romantic enough?